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City of Columbus pairs with MEMA Vendors for Race for the Cure!

Columbus Police and Fleet Management put together Cure-1 for the 25th anniversary of the Komen Race for the Cure. The decals were designed with the help of Keith Wells, City of Columbus Sign Shop, and LT Dave Hughes, Police fleet Coordinator, and Eric Voll Fleet Management supervisor. The Decals were installed by the City of Columbus Body Shop employees Keith Gearheart, Ron Steele, Jerry Salmons, Jay Parks, and Scott Fronk.
This project was done with the cooperation of several local businesses and MEMA members who donated their time and equipment. These businesses are Parr Public Safety, Holstein and Associates, Whelen Corporation, AGI, and Tiger Tough.
CURE-1 was the pace car for the 2017 Komen Race for the Cure, driven by LT Dave Hughes. Along with LT Hughes was Patricia Temple, a CPD photography supervisor, who is currently fighting breast cancer. Along with Patricia was Kelly Sherman, a CPD supporter, who is celebrating her second year of remission.
CPD wanted to show Pat, Kelly, their families, and the rest of the breast cancer survivors and women fighting breast cancer that we support them.
Thanks to everyone who was involved in this special project.
To view Cure-1, please click here.

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