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Whelen Engineering Launches Brand Advancement Strategy

Whelen Engineering today introduced a new logo as a component of a comprehensive strategy to support its role as a leader in the emergency warning industry. An integral component of Whelen's brand advancement initiative is a new tagline: Trusted to Perform This centerpiece of the new identity embodies Whelen's core message and its internal value as a company. Trusted to Perform is designed to communicate the value and impact of a Whelen product in a global marketplace. Whelen exists to protect people when lives are on the line. Whelen products have always been trusted to perform in the most demanding situations, just like the people who use them. Trusted to Perform expresses the integrity of Whelen employees and the quality of their products. The initiative launched in early 2016 with a brand discovery phase that involved gathering research data from employees, distributors, and end users. The second and third phases of the project have involved the development of an updated visual and written identity. "Whelen has a compelling story to tell as a family owned, United States manufacturing company. With this tagline, we are telling that story with greater clarity, impact, and reach," said George Whelen V, President and CEO of the company.

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